Atra Restaurant,
Doftana Valley

Fine dining experiences in the heart of nature, on the shores of Paltinu Lake

ATRA Restaurant
is a destination per se

Atra Restaurant is a destination per se, beckoning you to indulge for a day, just to dine and to recharge yourself with the beauty of the place, quietly, without the strain of time.

This is not a conventional restaurant, but a journey of senses which leaves you no choice but to give in.

Food is cooked slowly, with respect for each ingredient and process, therefore, the only “espresso” we serve is coffee. In addition to waiting by the lake, among the mountains and hills, we offer incentives to delight your eyes and soul. The restaurant offers fine dining with fresh ingredients from local farmers and vegetable growers, from the sheepfolds, trout farms, forests, orchards in the surrounding hills and mountains. Atra’s menu is created by Head Chef Ionut Gagiu, who masterfully combines the resources and richness of the place according to the season, to delight all senses. The Atra kitchen, promoting the “farm to table” concept, is the perfect place for Chef Gagiu to express innovation. At Atra Restaurant we take a minimalist approach to fine dining where ingredients are allowed to breathe and conquer through simplicity and taste. Working closely with local farmers, with the sheepfolds and trout farms of Doftana Valley offers countless riches allowing us to surprise even the most demanding tastes with unique combinations. Chef Gagiu uses seasonal ingredients from local resources and defines menus and courses according to seasons, the concept of cuisine in harmony with nature being unwavering to him. On weekend evenings, for the ultimate experience, you have the opportunity to participate in fine dining & wine pairing dinners, as a final declaration of love for all the senses, in a pairing recital that Chef Ionut Gagiu and Sommelier Adrian Tertea propose to your delight.

ATRA Restaurant
opening hours


8.30 – 10.30




19:00 – 21.00

Al Fresco Rooftop

Surrounded by nature overflowing with beauty in every season, the Al Fresco Rooftop makes you the master of a panoramic view dominated by the lake, mountains and hills.

A coffee, a cocktail, a fine dining dish or a dessert, acquires unique meanings enjoyed in the company of an idyllic landscape. AlFresco is the place where you can surrender yourself into the arms of an exquisite, unique experience.

Discover ATRA Destination Restaurant
just 90 minutes away from Bucharest, in Doftana Valley

Here, basic ingredients such as berries, mushrooms, flowers, buds – provided in abundance by nature – aromatic herbs and vegetables grown in gardens, cheese from shepherds or trout from the river, are transformed under the wand and imagination of Chef Ionut Gagiu, in fine dining courses where the explosion of flavors and stories is accompanied by the finest wines.

Weekend evenings

Weekend evenings tell the complete story of culinary art at ATRA Restaurant that turns into a “sanctuary” of flavours at fine dining & wine pairing dinners by MasterCard. An elegant and distinct ambiance that carries you into a story beyond the conventional, a full experience that impresses and arrests all the senses, in a suite of 5 courses accompanied sophisticatedly by the right wines.

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