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Nature is generous in Doftana Valley at Atra. The mountains and hills, the river and the lake, all together, invite you to relax but also to explore.

Once reconnected, here at Atra, you find an energy that fuels your joy of living.

Sauna and massage*

There is total unwinding at ATRA when you let yourself indulge in a massage session in the hands of a professional or hide away in the dry sauna.


Explore along the stream, breathing in the serenity of the lake in a rhythmic motion, with a cadence that lets you contemplate the nature performance while enjoying the freshest, cleanest air.


Explore on two wheels, MTB or electric bicycles… on the grass, taking on the challenge of the climb or the soft slopes.


Explore Paltinu Lake on a SUP in search of balance.

*available at location, details and bookings at Front Desk
**own initiative


Explore by ATV… at fast speed, with a robust sense of control and freedom to explore less accessible places.

Electric boat*

Explore by electric boat… in a relaxing movement to encompass 360 waters and hills.


Explore at your own pace… daring and self-reliant, at your own pace on the mountain trails.

*available through collaborators, details and bookings at Front Desk
**own initiative


Live in the moment… with a good book in hand, sunk in a hammock, or on the Atra terrace, looking up to the sky, searching for the infinity of stars.


Discover how easy it is to enjoy everything around you, through the eyes of children… at the playground and on the Atra lawn.


Express what you feel with a paintbrush and colours, during wine-painting workshops… inspired by the rhythm of landscapes and seasons.

IMPORTANT: if you plan to explore Doftana Valley with the help of Atra specialists, please book in advance.

Offer unique moments –

Gift your loved ones with unique experiences and special moments that will turn into lifelong memories.

Looking for a special gift for your loved one? Or would you like to surprise your family, friends, co-workers or business partners? Now you can offer ATRA moments.

You can choose a fine dining experience at ATRA Restaurant or a relaxing getaway.