Premium Accommodation in Doftana Valley

Discover ATRA –
discover the accommodation of your dreams and a destination restaurant in Doftana Valley

ATRA is a trilogy that includes a 5 daisies Guesthouse & ATRA Restaurant – a lush multisensory escape on the shores of Paltinu Lake, Uno Villa, an intimate location, lost in the woods, ideal for families or group of friends and MIRA Resort, a versatile zen oasis. The emerald lake unites them all. All you have to do is to allow yourself to be seduced: Feel. Breathe. Taste. 

You can discover all these unique ATRA accommodation experiences, on Doftana Valley, only 90 minutes away from Bucharest. Ideal locations for weekends, holidays, team trips or a day of leisure!

ATRA Guesthouse -
accommodation overlooking Paltinu Lake from any room

The 5 daisies ATRA Doftana Guesthouse is unique for its minimalist architecture, which blends into nature. With an award-winning track record for flawless service and the popularity it has enjoyed over the past 10 years, at this by-the-lake accommodation in Doftana Valley, you’ll find everything you need.

All 10 rooms offer a spectacular view of the lake and allow direct access to the lawn. It is a space that has a surprising continuity from the inside to the outside, so you can enjoy nature from any corner.

Vila UNO –
treat yourself to an accommodation near Paltinu Lake

Villa UNO is located in the heart of nature, on the shore of Paltinu Lake, intimate and quiet. 

This accommodation in Doftana Valley is the perfect place to come with family or friends, because it can accommodate up to 6 people, has a fully equipped kitchen, a private pontoon on the shore of Paltinu Lake and, because we like to stand out with best of all, part of the upstairs floor was replaced with a durable hammock. You can relax, have fun and even work, because it is the perfect space for working remotely or even for team building.

You choose how you spend your time in Doftana, at Vila Uno!

Mira Resort –
terrace, swimming pool, tub and panoramic orangery

Mira Resort is the newest addition of the ATRA concept. This accommodation in Doftana Valley is a refuge for family, friends or colleagues, a space that leaves behind any urban component and abandons you in the middle of nature, on the shore of Paltinu Lake.

Mira Resort is a versatile and generous relaxing oasis that features an orangery with the softest sofas, heated by a wood-burning fireplace, and a wooden gazebo, ideal for a dip under the starlit sky on freezing nights.

The playground and swimming pool create a new dimension of relaxation.

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Doftana Valley - accommodation by ATRA

Gift your loved ones with unique experiences and special moments that will turn into lifelong memories.

Looking for a special gift for your loved one? Or would you like to surprise your family, friends, co-workers or business partners? Now you can offer ATRA moments.

You can choose a fine dining experience at ATRA Restaurant or a relaxing getaway.