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The business trip you plan can become a real adventure, with an offer dedicated to each group.

Located 90 minutes away from Bucharest, ATRA is a unique location for corporate meetings and workshops.

A versatile space with a fireplace and a large glass area with a breathtaking view of Paltinu Lake will serve as your meeting room.

Every season nature and landscape become spectacular and allow us various possibilities to spend time and organize themed events.

For this season we propose
three meeting concepts at ATRA

Each is designed specifically for corporate groups – be they office colleagues, collaborators or future partners.


We prepare an unusual, atypical meeting day, in a space organized more like a living room than a meeting room, where, together with your colleagues, the coffee breaks in front of the fireplace will provide the energy and inspiration you need.

After working hours, a multi-sensory culinary experience awaits you.

In terms of multi-sensory culinary experience in an elegant and refined atmosphere, you will be pampered with special courses prepared by culinary master Ionuț Gagiu, whose gastronomic creations redefine the concept of culinary delight and aesthetics.

Every detail of every dish is enhanced with passion and attention to the smallest nuances to ensure a memorable dining experience.

Sommelier Adrian Tertea will complement this experience with his exceptional selection of wines, each choice perfectly tailored to your tastes and preferences. Through the subtle combination of aromas and flavours, each glass of wine will gracefully and elegantly accompany each of the 4 courses, enhancing and completing the taste experience in a truly remarkable way.

Together, Chef Ionuț Găgiu and Sommelier Adrian Tertea will guide you on an unforgettable culinary journey, where every taste, every aroma and every sensory experience will truly delight your senses. You are invited to join us on this extraordinary culinary foray, where passion and talent come together to offer you a perfect experience of taste and refinement.

At the end of the program, the campfire with mulled wine and tasting of local cheeses will add a note of comfort and familiarity, creating a relaxing setting for socializing and reflection. The intimate atmosphere of the campfire will encourage honest conversations and sharing of experiences, strengthening bonds between colleagues and creating unforgettable memories.


The session is over and you have a few free hours? You are invited to take a 2-hour off-road route on Secaria Peak. The route of medium difficulty will be rewarded at the top of the mountain with tea, coffee and mulled wine. On your return, for dinner, you are invited to surrender to gastronomy. Don’t worry, Chef Ionut Gagiu is very exigent, the ingredients are carefully prepared so that the taste is perfect.


Unleash your talent, let your imagination run wild, take a sip of wine for inspiration and courage, garnish the canvas with masterful touches and matching colours.

Unleash your talent, let your imagination run wild, enjoy a sip of wine for inspiration and courage, and garnish your canvas with masterful and colourful touches! Inspired by a magnificent view and good wine, you will discover new artistic talents.

Participants will be surprised by their own creations which they will keep as souvenirs or auction off.

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