Discover ATRA Guesthouse and Restaurant,
Private villa UNO & Mira Resort

Come and feel, taste and breathe Doftana Valley completely with ATRA Guesthouse – nature at its best, just 90 minutes away from Bucharest!

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10 rooms


fine dining



Children's menu

Sauna and



Al Fresco




Sunbeds, hammocks,

bicycles, kayaks

Atra Locations

Atra Guesthouse and Restaurant

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5 Daisies Guesthouse

Escape into the spectacular surroundings of Doftana Valley and absorb the beauty and freshness of everything around you, in a location that seems transparent and blends between water, hills and sky.

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Taste the flavours inspired by places and seasons and let your senses be seduced at ATRA’s destination restaurant, right on the shores of Paltinu Lake. In the heart of nature, the dining experience has never been more spectacular. Give yourself time to enjoy all the thrills!

Private Villa Uno & Mira Resort




Find out what it means to have privacy lost in nature and immersed in a magical light right on the shore of the lake. Find out what it’s like to escape from everyday life and abandon yourself in a state of absolute zen.




Discover Mira, an oasis for family, friends or colleagues, which charges directly from the energy and abundance of nature, on the shores of Lake Paltinu, in the mirror of Atra.

Atra Restaurant

Fine dining experiences

in the heart of nature.

Allow yourself to be mesmerised by the flavour of the culinary delights and the beauty of the landscape in a place where time fades into the emerald lake. The pleasure of taste intertwined with the feeling of surrender to nature can create an entire universe even for a one-day getaway.

Al Fresco Rooftop

Surrounded by nature overflowing with beauty in every season, the Al Fresco Rooftop makes you the master of a panoramic view ruled by the lake, mountains and hills.


At Atra you will experience unique, multi-sensory experiences that will delight, pamper, energize or relax you.

Whatever you choose, you will disconnect from the mundane and enter a state of zen.

Mountain Bikes
Electric bicycles
Mountain Hiking & Off Road
Watch the stars



Evenings at ATRA Guesthouse, on the shore of Paltinu Lake, in Doftana Valley are not complete without a warm campfire, with mulled wine and cheese, together with friends or family.



Capture nature on the move, carried down the valley or tested up the hill, a reel of spectacular images admired with a tonic breath, on two wheels.

Go Green


Discover Valea Doftanei on 2 wheels and carefree, with a bike that lifts the effort for you to live an adventure without limits, regardless of the difficulty of the trail.

Mountain Hiking

and off road

We also charge ourselves with energy while consuming energy if we choose the most attractive places, blending all the spices: hills and lakes, mountains and rivers, valleys and steep slopes.


the stars

The night sky looks different in Doftana Valley – especially from Villa UNO. Just book it and we promise you a unique experience, defined by the unique concept Atra – Feel, breathe, taste!


Breathe in the nature right from its heart and from its own ripple on the lake’s luster. You’ll discover unexpected vistas that you’ll treasure for a long time.


We like to pamper our guests, to be part of their joys, emotions and memories.

We like to nurture them with a state of comfort, intimacy, pampering, inspiring them and fuelling them with energy.


A productive day in nature, a meeting with partners or a teambuilding session. ATRA complex can cater for any type of corporate event!


Discover Doftana Valley with family, friends and acquaintances on the most important days of your life, regardless of the occasion!

Discover Doftana Valley

ATRA is privileged to be located in an area of a special picturesque, where the sky, mountains, water and hills mix in a symphony of all seasons. Doftana Valley, so full of richness and traditions, a whole universe that invites you to discover and understand it with all your senses.

What do

our guests say

Sofi Truican
Sofi Truican
Am petrecut un week end minunat. Voi reveni curand.
cosmin danila
cosmin danila
Gerold Gutti
Gerold Gutti
Violeta Cristian
Violeta Cristian
Lucian Cornici
Lucian Cornici
Mihai Ionescu
Mihai Ionescu
It's kinda hard to get to, but it's worth it. The view is amazing. The food is good. But be ready to spend some.
Alexandra Țînțăreanu
Alexandra Țînțăreanu

We are honoured by the appreciation we have received over the years

You don’t have to think twice before booking a stay in Doftana Valley. Atra has been awarded at the Bucharest Architecture Annual and in 2020 was selected as the Location of the Year in the Epic Visits section of the Romanian Hospitality Awards.

Doftana Valley appeals also for its culinary richness! At Atra Restaurant, Chef Ionut Gagiu has the kitchen equipped with the freshest ingredients possible, produced by vegetable growers, farmers, orchards, pastures and vineyards around Atra Doftana Guesthouse.